Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance and Server Management

Website maintenance as you desire

Here at BAS Studios we offer to take care of as little or as much of your website maintenance as you desire. We are able to take each individual request into consideration and tailor our services exactly to your needs.

Unique and invaluable support

Even if you feel that you are comfortable with designing and creating your own website, BAS Studios can provide unique and invaluable support to give you a better, more enjoyable experience. Our support covers a full range of issues with regards to maintaining your own website.

We make your job easier

Our highly trained staff can assist in website re-designing, updating or removing content and even adding new features altogether. This means that once your website takes off, you do not have to constantly worry about several different aspects of your website at once - BAS Studios is here to make your job easier.

In-depth website analysis

Aside from updating the actual content of your website, BAS Studios specialize in things like resolving website bugs, as these can be known to cause major issues and are not always easily dealt with. Moreover, we are also able to provide our customers with in-depth website analysis which aims to illustrate which areas of your website may need to be changed, updated or removed in order to receive more traffic. BAS Studios also provide their customers with professional and affordable server management, meaning that every aspect of our customers' websites is being looked after.

Get the most out of the Internet

We also strive to emphasize the importance of both search engines optimization and social media optimization when promoting a new idea, brand or website. Here at BAS Studios, we provide unique, reliable and informative support and can assist our customers with promoting their websites with up-to-date techniques, getting the most out of the Internet.